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Prison Bedding

FR Envelope Style Duvet Quilt Cover BS7-175 Crib7 Bedding Duvet Cover Single Double

FR Envelope Style Duvet Quilt Cover BS7-175 Crib7 Bedding Duvet Cover Single Double

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Fire retardant Envelope Style Duvet Quilt Cover BS7-175 Crib7 bedding duvet cover

Pillow cases sold separately

  • The Polyester used for this bedding is inherently Fire Retardant. In other words, it remains a fire retardant throughout its lifetime. The Fire Retardant qualities are not sprayed on. They are built into the fabric during the manufacturing process - and are permanent. This is why they are so expensive in comparison to non-fire-retardant bedding and why they are used in institutions.
  • Cotton/Poly-Cotton and some cheaper Polyester types of bedding are only Fire-Retardant on a temporary basis, they are sprayed to make them Fire Retardant (for a short while).
  • The spray washes out completely in 4-5 washes, making them non-Fire Retardant after a matter of days/weeks. 100% Polyester

Mostly Uses


  • Hospitality Bedding:¬†Hostels, B&B‚Äôs, Guest Houses, Holiday Cottages, Holiday Camps, Boating and Caravan Accommodation, Outdoor Activity Centers, Budget End Accommodation Provider, and many other places.
  • HOSTELLING BEDDING:¬†Universities, Colleges, Schools, Halls of Residence, Student Flats, Conference Centers, Youth Hostels, and many other places.
  • HEALTH CARE BEDDING:¬†NHS Hospitals, Large Private Healthcare Groups, Hospices, Secure Units, and Ambulance Service Trusts
  • CARE HOMES BEDDING:¬†Care Home, Hospices, Old Homes.
  • PRISON BEDDING:¬†Prisons, Custody Suites,¬†Police Custody Suites,¬†Immigration Centers.

Standard UK sizes- Approximate sizes

Single Duvet  Size

137 cm  x 200 cm 

54" x 78"

Double Duvet Size

200 cm  x 200 cm 

78" x 78"

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